Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sunday-ish Update Fail

Never got around to updates this weekend-- been incredibly busy preparing for NaNo & the rally this weekend (w00t!), & didn't want to half-ass it (as usual. Sorry, one of these days will actually do this properly again, the way a real blog is supposed to be.) That & I've been tuning in & out of politics again. I'm sick and tired of the pre-election bullshit-- the fighting, the nasty comments, the hundreds of emails every day asking for money to defeat some random evil enemy in a far off state, everything. You're a bunch of 40+ old rich people, so stop acting like 5 year old bullies & grow up already. "Joe called me a stinky witch! I'm not a witch! He's a poopy-head who steals my tax money!" -_-"

Anyway... I won't be able to do them this week, I have a million & one things to do & little time in which to do it. (Though you can check my Twitter feed or the Google Reader widget somewhere on the page. I update that while I'm at work, so new stories should be there every morning.)

I'm off to finish my t-shirts/signs for the rally on Saturday, plus everything else that goes with that (my house needs to be seriously cleaned before ex-roomie arrives...) I'll be back by Sunday the latest with tons of updates, pictures, videos (I mean, really, I do have a youtube channel. I should actually use it sometime...), etc, if not live updates of the event. Plus I have 10 hours to kill on the bus - surely I'll update something! So, until then... Ja, mata.

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