Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Story Time! Christine O'Donnell & the Separation Of Church & State

Christine O'Donnell Questions Separation Of Church & State

Please don't let this woman be THAT stupid. (Why is it that Republican women in politics set us back so much by simply opening their mouths??? Is this really what "THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!!!!" [cue shining/twinkling lights & heavenly chorus of angels] want? Um, no.)

Yay, story time! (WARNING: Bitch alert.)

A long, long time ago (i.e. roughly a few hours), a doe-eyed brunette stared out at the sea of reporters, (more experienced) politicians and political scientists, her brow contorted in confusion. "Where in the Constitution is the separation of Church & state?" she asked, in complete seriousness.

"The First Amendment bars the government from making laws respecting the establishment of religion," he incredulously responded. She can't be serious...

"You're telling me that's in the First Amendment??" Ms. O'Donnell inquired, disbelieving what she was hearing. No way! Really?? He must be lying! Where the H-E-double-breadsticks does it say that in the Bible? Or the Constitution? Same difference.

Later in the debate, she declared that her opponent has just "proved [sic] how little you know not just about constitutional law but about the theory of evolution." The political scientists gasped! "What did she just say?" The room was all a Twitter as they frantically updated their Facebook pages and posted short 140 character status updates on teh interwebz, expressing their utter shock and horror. As word spread of this faux pas, the remainder of the country wept for its future, and then proceeded to orchestrate the world's largest [facepalm]. This is a woman who is attempting to become a Senator, for Pete's Sake! (We wish Pete all the luck & duct tape & Excedrin Migraine in the world. He's going to need it if she wins.)


Yea, so... Christine... Um-- honey, stop it before you hurt yourself. Asking the moderator to move on does not mean he "can't handle" the conversation as you put it, but that he's sick of wasting time arguing with someone who has no idea what she's talking about, & because he's so embarrassed FOR YOU and your all-too-obvious ignorance that he feels it's best to change the subject, in order to save you from further humiliation. If you're going to argue that we should "follow the Constitution," it would kind of help if you knew what it said, yes? Really, I usually would love to push people towards their dreams and help them to succeed, but I think you're in way over your head & should probably just give up now.

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