Sunday, August 22, 2010

Random Video time - Anti-H8 protest signs

So, I'm back from my night of debauchery lol... (First time drinking that much, ever. Don't ask me why I did it, I really couldn't tell you. The only "peer pressure" I've experienced this weekend was on I-95 with 2 cars directly on my right & a jerk driving so close behind me at 70 mph in a 55 zone that if I had tried to slow down, I would've been hit instantly. Cops didn't seem to care that much though...???)

So enough of that. Feels like I've been gone forever. And my head kind of hurts, but thought I'd share some vids til my brain starts working again...

I'll start with this cute video, as part of my decidedly-ongoing "End of Prop 8" celebration (since it's basically still in effect until December Oh, and since my John Mayor boycott is over too (don't ask... it's a Care2 thing), you don't have to pretend not to enjoy the music, like I did for 8 months. (Again, don't ask. I needed points to give clean water to Haiti and save a child from disease... A very worthy sacrifice. Besides, his comments were totally inappropriate, though I sort of kind of get what he was attempting to sort of say there.)

I'm off to enjoy an overly processed, frozen, sodium-filled french bread pizza & take a long nap.

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