Sunday, July 11, 2010

(Temporary Setbacks)

Not that anyone cares or anything, but I won't be posting anything major until I get a break from work & have the energy to remember to care about something. (My job is seriously exhausting, between what I actually do and the hours, both when I wake up & how long it takes...)

Miscellaneous Mini-updates will now be on the rants page--> see top of side panel to find it.

One share before I go-- I thought this was a joke until I realized the source-- Comics With Problems is a site that shares "educational" comics & PSAs... Including official government publications and other things of that caliber... So, the latest-a HuffPost Article. And the comic itself... (also, regarding it's authenticity... And my own research - it's real, and copies are in fact where the site says they are... This link is a Google book search, but I also checked my university's library...)

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