Saturday, June 26, 2010

Random fun things - quizzes and such.

Ok,so maybe I have 3 posts waiting as drafts right now, but this is much more interesting at the moment. Apparently one group has already started their 2012 presidential candidate quiz (you know, where you pick your views and see who you match with?) I just completed 2 for the 2008 election, got Obama (big surprise there, lol... I did too much research for that 1 vote, so I'm well aware of why I chose him.) Turns out for 2012, he's also my highest match (95%. That's higher than the first time I ever took the 2008 test... something of a 55%. Which apparently is about where I stand with McCain circa 08. Granted a lot's changed in the world since then and the questions address slightly different things... Though I'm really sad Nader isn't on it, nor is Kucinich or Weiner or Grayson... Everyone on the quiz list has expressed some interest in running in 2012, & Nader has already said he's not ruling it out... Where are you, Nader?!)

Here are my results - (the top candidate is a hypothetical person who agrees 100% with you - you might as well put your own name down, because such a person is not likely to exist). 95% Obama, 85% Biden (?? Well, I guess he is 2nd in line after all and should have a plan just in case... But let's hope things don't come to that... Not that I don't think he'd be interesting, I just don't want anything bad to happen to our current president -- or any other for that matter. Wishing ill upon someone is disgusting... As much as I dislike Mrs. Palin, both politically and in terms of personality, I would never ever wish anything bad happen to her. Do I think she deserves some things? Probably. She does it to herself sometimes. It's Karma. Speaking of which, my crazy mother must have done something right for someone- she received an anonymous religious thank you card with $50 in it... Doubt it's anyone from her church, as she hasn't been there in months, and last I checked, charities didn't send your money back to you... And since my family is notorious for giving away more money than we should to friends, family, charities, etc, to the point where my parents filed for bankruptcy at one point, I'd like to think the universe makes sense again.) I think it's hilarious that way down at the very bottom is none other than Rush Limbaugh at 8%. (I apparently overlap with Palin more than Limbo, with a 13%... I want to know what! I think it's probably charter schools... I don't disagree with supporting charter schools, and I'm not a fan of vouchers for private schools. That may be the 1 thing we agree on... Ah yes, I believe it is.)

Where do you stand? Who's your candidate?

2012 Presidential Candidate Selector

P.S. - Hope you'll be attending Hands Across the Sand in a few hours!!! :-)

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