Monday, May 31, 2010

Proud to be an American...???

Trying to control my rage right now. Some people seriously need to learn to fuck off -_-" but aside from that... I've been shopping for bumper stickers. No reason in particular I guess, because I haven't a clue what I would actually do with them, but mostly liberal things to counter the lame "W '04!!!" shit I see on all the hummers. And I'm sick and tired of being called "un-American" because I think a national healthcare system is a great thing, or because I refuse to say the pledge of allegiance until the words actually mean something (see my post on Will Phillips too btw, Nov. 2009. My reasons go a quite a bit farther than just gay rights, but they're valid just the same. We do NOT have liberty and justice for all, and until we do, those are empty words and empty promises!!!) & I haven't said it since high school; or because I am for allowing people to become citizens, & I think most "terrorism" in this country is either misguided "patriots" (for whatever cause) or complete bullshit designed to scare us into submission (or false wars for oil... just sayin'...), & we should get the fuck out of Iraq/Afghanistan because we're killing innocent people for no reason, inciting them to anger against us, and therefore creating more extremists and "terrorists."

I could go on, but I'm sure you get the picture. I'm sick and tired of people saying that only those with conservative values are true patriots, or true Christians, or whatever, because it's all complete and utter bullshit. So I found the perfect bumper sticker - I don't hate America. I hate the people who do hateful things in the name of America. Hunting "illegals" is NOT American. Denying citizenship to people born here is NOT American. Using your religion as an excuse for pushing your views on others is NOT American. Picking and choosing what parts of the Constitution you like is NOT the American way! Discrimination is NOT the American way! (However hypocrisy seems to be... -_-") This is NOT the home of the free-- I'll say it again, we don't have a fucking clue what freedom is in this country. And we won't, until we can as a collective group get our act together and actually follow what we preach, live what we stand for - Freedom, Justice, Peace, Fairness, Safety, Solidarity, Strength, Prosperity-- FOR ALL. Protecting our fellow citizen, as well as those who need our help. We're not some exclusive club, where a small majority get to decide who belongs, and who's a "real" member. I truly believe the founding fathers would be embarrassed and horrified to see what we've become... (Granted, they were fully aware the general populous were complete morons, and they weren't perfect in the least bit either-- in fact they were narrow-minded and downright racist-- but that's why they made the Constitution a living document, which is meant to change with the times... So that we could evolve into something greater. But let's face it- our way of life is dying... Our country is falling apart. All the more reason to change...)

If we're going to be the Protector of the world, then let's actually protect - end war and violence, end hatred, instill peace and stability. We're supposed to be the Land of Opportunity, but we can't forget that opportunity isn't just for the people already here. It's for ALL people of the world. Yes, that includes the people scrambling across the border. (Clearly we're doing something right if people still want to come here... What, I haven't a clue, but think about how much their countries must suck if this is better - a land built on institutionalized hatred and discrimination, where friends and neighbors turn their backs and/or guns on each other over political opinion, religion, little issues devoid of the big picture... We are a sad, sorry state.) If we are the Land of Freedom, then let's actually be the Land of Freedom! We're Americans! We're arrogant and rude and think we're better than everyone else! So c'mon, let's show them why we're here! Our army's slogan was "Be All You Can Be." So let's do that. If we're going to call ourselves the best, we have to actually BE the best. So let's make them all jealous wink, k? There's no point in being proud of being American if it doesn't actually mean anything, let alone what we pretend it does.

Happy Memorial Day... Keep in mind the millions who live and die to keep us safe-- our soldiers, our vets, their victims... and hope that someday there won't be a "need" for this pain...

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Anonymous said...

YOU do NOT have illegals squatting on THE GROUND that YOU OWN. I DO. So shut the fuck up.

Have you been scared for years about seeing random drunken men pop out of the trees in your yard? Not if- I mean WHEN they have. Have you had our good Old Bridge Police raiding your backyard at least twice a day since February? *Trying* to catch them before they run
too far? [My parents] chatting with "our" Mayor, etc.? Have to give them tours of what really goes down in this tiny spot of the town everyone's *thought* they've known for decades? "They come here illegally because there is something in their history or their reason for coming here that would keep them from being accepted legally." Not too comforting except for the fact that she sympathizes with us.

Also this crosses another shared border onto McDivitt's property, i.e. Board of Education. So really, isn't it "yours" too? So why the fuck don't you care? Cuz you're on their side? Well then get the fuck over there and help them if you REALLY care so much! Make me stop running them off MY land! Where are you?! WHAT good are you really DOING for what you "believe?!" The war is in Arizona but the battle is just a couple miles from your laptop, a mere 50 feet from mine. When I worked at ShopRite I used to get harassed by the same guys every single day, the same guys I see carpeting my family's woods with beer cans & whiskey bottles. Open your eyes.

It's not that philosophical- This is literally my land & they do not belong trying to squat here. Some have been caught before and they are in fact illegal immigrants from Mexico; it's not racist either.

(I don't have a login anymore but you know who.)

P.S. I'm serious. If you are so in favor for them being allowed to stay & drink & sit & sleep & make campfires & hoist canapies in my trees like they did last week, then get to the front. Get there beside them, against the Old Bridge Police, against Mr. Cera, against the mayor & council & committees, and against my family-- and stand up for your so-called "real freedom." I'll be across from you defending my dirt.