Thursday, March 4, 2010

Making the Best Out of a Bad The Worst Situation-- What Will You Do?

(At least my basic HTML skills haven't been completely diminished...)

So as many people know, I've graduated into the "real world" and get to deal with firsthand the beauty that is searching for employment during the worst recession since the 1930s. Three years into this recession, with little hope of getting out any time soon. I just applied to a job online for an entry level retail position (that I do have experience with and can absolutely fulfill the requirements), only to have the search engine reject me for not having enough/the right experience. O well. All we can do is keep trying. I can't even apply for unemployment since work-study isn't full time for 26 weeks, and my time before loan repayment begins is running out. And of course I would feel guilty trying to get a job over someone with a family and mortgage to pay. "They" say things are getting better, but those of us on the front-lines, and those who have been here for longer than I, aren't seeing much of a difference. We're not losing as many jobs, but we're not gaining any either. So what to do with all of this time? Well, I've baked:
  • 5 Loaves of Bread
  • 10 pizzas
  • 6 cakes
  • 4 batches of cookies
and I'm just getting started. That doesn't even include all of the new non-baked recipes I've tried. I wanted to bake vegan brownies today, but I decided to stress over jobs instead. I should've gone with the damn brownies! Anyway, in addition to all of that, I've gotten involved in politics and activism again. Why not? It's where I want to end up after all. Activism/altruism are my biggest motivating factors, so why not do what I love and make a difference while I have time? If you're interested, try, or Lots of things to get involved with, so give it a shot. Other things I'm looking into... I've been watching more TV than usual. 98% news, C-SPAN and MSNBC (I never used to watch MSNBC, due to the fact that it's Faux News for liberals. It's actually much funnier and more interesting than I thought it was. Keith & Rachel remind me of Jon Stewart & Stephen Colbert so much that I watch almost religiously now :-D but I still go to less biased sources for my news...). I'm thinking of taking on a new challenge - to learn how to do 1 new thing every day. I don't know what I'll start with today, but I guess it's a good thing I love to learn, so I can have fun learning what I should do! Once it warms up, I will be exploring my area, to see how far I can go on foot or by bike alone. I will probably also start a new blog somewhere, trying out the affiliate marketing thing. Still trying to figure out what real skills I have. I can do tons of things, I just can't think of any ^^"... I've made some jewelry, maybe I'll try to sell it. I want to start an eBay or Amazon seller's page. Anything to pay off those loans...

So if you're an unemployed college grad, or just someone with a lot of time to spare, what will you do?

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