Sunday, March 21, 2010

Healthcare Reform Passed! YES WE DID!

Healthcare Reform Passes! Reconciliation passed the House!

40 years of trying. 40 years of opposition. And we get to see it finally happen!!! YES WE DID! (^^" hey, I may be an independent, but I voted for someone I thought most closely agreed and had a plan to carry out my ideals... don't we all?) It's just a start, of course. I will still be fighting hard for UHC or at the very least, a public option . It hasn't really hit me yet. 32 million people... My own mother... Myself (now that I think of it..). It's not over. It's never over. But we've gotten farther than anyone... And that is certainly something to be proud of!

Other Misc. Comments:
  • I should really probably check up on that having insurance thing... I think I'm still covered, but knowing Aetna...
  • Now if only they could get back to the jobs issue... I think Dell just outsourced the job I applied to. Seriously...
  • Go Grayson & Kucinich!!! Medicare for All and/or Public Option!!
  • Short this time. Sudden-onset sore throat... getting sick? Would make tea, but I'm more than a little disgusted with a certain group right now and their constant, nasty racist comments...

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