Friday, September 11, 2009


Those "Things to Ponder" on the side of this blog have thoroughly distracted me from whatever I was about to say...

Other things going through my mind:
Why are all of my favorite songs so sneakily religious? How can an atheist love so much Christian rock? (Is it because I was brainwashed in catholic school??? Is my subconscious still deluded??? I want to think for myself!!!)

Why are the Roanoke settlers still considered missing if someone found their boats on another island and noticed that the Native American population on that island looked oddly European?
(Am I the only one noticing the patterns there?)

Is there anything more insulting to a senior in college than making them take science and math classes a 3rd grader would ace??? (Seriously, I think I lose brain cells every time I attend. I haven't been there since. Maybe I'll show up for the test.)

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