Sunday, August 23, 2009

"If you can't say something nice..." --Say Whatever the Fuck You Want To.

Just Don't trust ____ to Protect Your Ass.

Again!! On this very site! (sorry this is a little old, I saved but didn't post...)

"Outed Blogger Who Trashed Model is Angry at Google"

Seriously, is there anyone who believes in freedom of speech anymore? Come on, really... Court order or not, bad move, Google. In another article: "Model Liskula Cohen's lawyer says she does not deserve to be called a 'skank' or a 'ho' in anyone's anonymous blog." Ok, here's what's wrong with that statement: true, it sucks to be called names like that in public, regardless of how true it may be; it's possible that it is true and therefore does not constitute defamation/libel; and 3, does that mean if the blog wasn't anonymous it would be ok?

Update - they used to be friends!

"Defamatory" = "I was offended. My ex-friend talked about me behind my back." Sorry, but get over it. No need to be a bitch over something so lame. So a sincere thanks, from all bloggers, Face/Spacers, & anyone else who's ever said anything about anybody, for dropping the lawsuit-- that never should have existed.

Rosemary - damn... As I said in a previous post, while I may not agree with what you said (nor care, honestly) I will defend your right to say it - and Google should have, too! For new bloggers, here are links to this website's relevant privacy and defamation policies. Google, come on. We don't share your names and addresses with the world. This site is as personal as WE make it - if we want our real names out there, we'll put them there ourselves, thank you.

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