Monday, August 10, 2009


I can't get over my new laptop ^^"... I seriously love (most of) it. It's an HP G60-441... 16 inches is a little bigger than I initially wanted, with a little less RAM, but it's widescreen, which really helps when editing videos. Plus it has a built-in webcam with pretty cool software. I'm even kind of liking Vista, now that I've gotten a chance to really get into it. (I've had this laptop for less than 4 hours, mind you.) Without those irritating popups, it's actually fairly decent... I'm kind of shocked. I've only had 1 software error, and it's pretty stable so I can tell where the problem is occurring... So at the moment, I'm blogging on one laptop, downloading on the other, & surfing on both (trying to update the new with my fave add-ons from the old.)

I have a few posts ready to go, so expect updates all week! (Haha, I think I'm talking to myself at this point... Oh well [shrugs])

I'm (almost) 21, I'm a modern liberal hippie, & I'm STILL a PC (and no one even paid me to say it!!!) LOL, ja mata ne!

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